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. next week steelers running back willy parker is expected to visit. changing gears, finally maryland ended its woes in charlottesville beating an already beaten up virginia team. a team that lost its best player just hours before the game for not living up to academic obligations. he was surely missed. virginia in white, turns it over. gravis vasquez goes inside for the jam. the terps were up 14 points matching their biggest league. but virginia would come back. they would give the terps a scare cutting the deficit to 3 but vasquez answers with three of his own. he had five three three- pointers, a game high 23 points. final minute maryland's lead cut to one. virginia is called for a blocking foul and cavalier coach tony bennett can't believe it. the terps beat virginia 74-68 to clinch a share of the acc regular season title. >> it feels great, you know. we worked hard for 16 games. we didn't play great today but you've got to give virginia credit. you hate the situation that stuff happens. i knew they would come out firing today and they did a great job. you have to give virginia a
this madness. the maryland terrapins could have perhaps should have won today. a second round ncaa nail biter witmichigan state. the terps found themselves in a hole, a big one but clawed all the way back and took the lead. had this game gone into one more minute or overtime, maryland would have won. there's no we about it. michigan state was unraveling but sadly now that's just a conseer si theory. terps down 8 and it would get worse. the spartans worked the perfect back door. michigan state built a 15-point lead. s rally with st under two minutes left. greivis vasquez spins. deficit cut to 6. the terps down just 4. final minute, a miss. gets his own rebound. maryland goes to vasquez who banks it in. maryland with the lead. 80-79. great play by bowie. 39 seconds left. michigan state comes right back. green, it's a jumper. spartans back in front by 1 with 20 seconds left. final seconds now, vasquez with the ball. you know the acc player of the year wants it and he got it. terps up 1. 6.6 seconds left. vasquez with a game high 26. michigan state doesn't call time-out. oh, my goodness. at the b
. >> -- maryland's economy is not yet rebounding. >> a high employment rate tops the list of warning signs. according to the state labor department, local governments continue to shed workers as well as those in health care and financial services. employers in construction, retail, leisure, and hospitality hired workers. marilyn's of foreclosure rate is another economic red flag, higher than last year. commercial markets are on the verge of collapse, and the federal government is providing maryland with that single biggest source of money. i believe this 30% of our revenue coming from the federal government. it is a remarkable shift in a short time. >> the o'malley administration is taking a more optimistic view of the revenue projection. for the first time since coming to office, the governor will not have to make additional bulk -- budget cuts to the state budget. >> it is the first son we are poised for recovery, and in terms of economic recovery, we are beginning to get back on track. >> the state comptroller's office believes the revenue projections signal an economic recovery next ye
identification. >> new technology helping to prevent any mistaken releases from maryland lock up. >> 79 percent of the $2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded went to overseas companies. >> fox 45 on waste watch. where your stimulus dollars are being spent. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. begin with breaking news out of baltimore county at this hour. one person burned in a fire in woodlawn. it started around 9:00 tonight in the 3300 block of keri road. it seems to have started in the basement. the victim flown to bayview in serious condition. >> more than a dozen schools in the archdioceses of baltimore city closing for good at the end of the academic year. >> and that is taking hundreds of parents and students by surprise. karen parks is live at the cardinal gibbons school set to shut down this summer. karen? >> jennifer and jeff, parents and students across the archdioceses waiting for months to find out whether or not their catholic schools would close. unfortunately here
more details. >>> the maryland terp pins played one of their biggest games last year and they came out on top in spectacular fashion. maryland was looking for a piece of the acc regular season crown. terps up by 2. maryland greivis vasquez puts up a shot and lets it go. they upset duke 79-72. it's the terps 6th straight win and it snapped the 6th game winning game for the terps. they could cling the regular acc season title. >>> started with gub lix jubilan ended with police shooting into the a crowd bean bags. at one point a street was set on fire and police fire threw tear gas into a crowd of students and fired bean bags as police spokes men says it was done to keep students from damaging property and having a repeat of the riots of the part but students injured by those actions disagree. >> the police are marching on us, shooting at with tear gas, and a bean bags. >> if i had a person shot me with a beanbag, they would be in jail right now. but a police officer shoots me with a beanbag it's his word against mine. >> the police were on the campus on route 1, and unlike other years th
of the last eight appearances. >>> still to come, the maryland terrapins can boast the acc player and coach of the year but they would trade in the accolades for a pair of wins in spokane. we will talk to the terps when we return. >> we weren't there until february and i think that's the difference. >> nobody would have predicted the terps led by vasquez could be acc cochampions this year and the maryland faithful hope a season in which this terps team has already overachieved continues. of course gary williams knew what his squad was capable of all along and it is hard to argue with the experience of the coach of the year in this tournament. the terms are making their 14th appearance in their last 17 seasons. they are going to begin from afar this year, 2100-miles from their college park home in spokane, washington. maryland taking on houston on friday. and despite being bounced in the first round in the acc tournament the terps have been hot late in the season. they have won nine of the last 11, and while they are realistic about the pacific northwest fan base they will have a quieter env
>>> now, "good morning maryland" at 9:00. >>> we're turning out the stumps. >> trying to pick the st. patrick's day, started early around here. >> i don't know if you have ever seen the commercials for stomp. ever seen it? >> yes. >> the garbage cans and the brooms. >> just something, i got this from a pothole out front. >> we'll be doing a lot of stomping around. it is playing at the hippodrome, started yesterday. >> absolutely. we're gonna give it a try. we're going to perform with them here on good morning maryland. >> we just auditioned. >>> happy birthday to our mayor who is out there to celebrate with back to feet -- back on my feet. >> it's a cool organization, i believe it started in philly but celebrating it's first an version rehere in baltimore. >> we're going to talk to the woman who has been helping those we often forget. we are going to thank everyone who had a shovel in their hand from january, february, a couple weeks ago, we're also going to call, hit the call buttonsh to get a nurse in here to tell us why nurse is the way to go. >> we'll hear more about that.
services. that plan should be released by april 12th. >>> maryland senate has given initial approval to the state's $13 million budget. the state give preliminary approval to a bill that made $120 million in cuts to the governor's budget proposal. now the budget moves on to the house. >>> all new at 5:00, our sister station in washington, d.c. is reporting the former governor robert erlich is planning to run for governor again. a source says he'll formally announce his bid wednesday april 7th in rock as a result followed by an event at his childhood home. he was elected governor in 2002 becoming the first republican chief executive in a generation. he lost 2006 re-election bid to martin o'malley. >>> now the lates on the light rail crash in hunt valley. baltimore county police say the crash between the train and tractor trailer was caused when the truck driver drove into the train's path at a signaled crossing. police tell us charges are pending against the truck driver. the train operator remains in the hospital in serious condition tonight. two passengers on the light rail suffered
. >> gay marriage, how one lawmaker is trying to prevent it in maryland. >> bad news at the airport. why passengers may soon be seeing or cancellations on departure boards. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks in for jennifer gilbert. >> former baltimore mayor sheila dixon furs are listed on e-bay, along with other items seized from the prosecutor. after the conviction for using gift cards intended for the needy. >> toted furs and video gam camera hit the auction block. here a look at the mink they found in storage along with lamb jacket. both gifts from lipscomb that dixon did not list on the financial disclosure form. >> according to plea agreement we're taking items from miss dixon, and auction them off to the highest bidder and we hope there is a lot of bids. because the proceeds go to charity. >> during trial there was a brief conversation between dixon and prosecutor robert rohrbaugh and the courtroom, and at the time the state prosecutor would not say what the conversatio
written a book about how we dish up maryland. so lucy will be here and tell us about writing this book and dishing up maryland. >> and since we have food on the brain we're going to talk about risotto. >> and jamie oliver will join us to talk about his new food show where he talks about a food revolution. >>> brick bodies started yesterday. we'll introduce you to the contestants. >> couples, right? >> this year there is a twist. they're doing it in pairs. there are some mostly sunny -- some friends and aunt and niece doing it. >>> how is that for short? first a consumer alert before we get to the news. all of you mothers and fathers need to know, the consumer product safety commission has issued a recall of 1 million baby slings and they are linkinged to three suffocations. the recall follows a warning on friday from the consumer product safety commission which has been researching reports for the past 20 years. now they say that babies can suffocate in the soft fabric slings and urging parents to stop using them for babies under four months old. the recall involves the sling wider and
maryland state police polar bear plunge, maryland's premier winter event. >> this is my kind of weather. >> perfect day for a plunge. >> you got to get in. >> this is a huge event. it's amazing. we started back in '96 and it was probably like hundreds of people, and now it's just thousands. it's turned into a major standout event for the state of maryland. >> this is the it first time we've had a snow like this and it really does tell who this is all about. it's raising money for a special group of people and they're coming no matter what the weather is. >> how do you do this? >> why? because i love the energy. >> the show must go on. the polar bear plunge, great benefit for special olympics, one of the great charities in maryland, and a ton of people out here. everybody is warm and in the spirit of giving, so it will be a great day. >> for one of the rookie soup sr plunger, this was an item on his life to do list. >> i've never done it. you've heard of the movie the bucket list. this was on my bucket list of things to do. i've accomplished it and can check it off my list. it was a grea
. >> maryland gets ready to take on duke. stan is in for sports. ,,,,,,,, ♪ five, five dollar ♪ five-dollar footlong ♪ any, any, any ♪ five, five dollar ♪ five-dollar footlong ♪ any, any, any ♪ you c-c-can't go wrong you made subway $5 footlongs famous, so to thank you, we're making... any regular footlong a $5 footlong. get that? any regular footlong... piled high with flavor, $5. join the celebration. ♪ at subway >>> well, i don't know if they're tailgating. but they are sure getting out their maryland t-shirts and sweat shirts right now. >> and i can tell you, it will be a noisy newsroom tonight and tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen. marquee college basketball. college park, 27th ranked maryland, looking to win against a significant loss against duke. despiets losing to -- despite losing to duke by between points in durham, maryland is on a tear. they have gained momentum. tonight, the terps got to play bigger and darn near flaw littlely. and pull out aor -- victory over a team that is tough. >> i thought they had a great game against us. they have great quality. they hav
, to the countyies, to your neighbor, it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. some parts are seeing some clearing. along the banks still saturate. looking at doppler, this rain is not moving out of here quickly. parts of the area towards the west still seeing some steady showers. flood warnings in effect have been extended because the rain has not left us yet. we're seeing breaks in the rain and the flood waters are making the problems around the roadway. looking at flood watches and warnings through this morning. expected to be lifted but most of the area until about 8:30 this morning and maybe i don't beyond that. looking for rain and breezy. 51 degrees is our daytime high and we expect some improvement. >>> flooding and high winds causing problems across the region. first-warning weather coverage continues with a look at some of the damage. >>> some families had to be evacuated from their homes when melting snow and heavy rains caused flooding. in western maryland, emergency officials watched the rivers swell beyond their banks and a
to put pressure on those undecided lawmakers to just say no. among the masses, hundreds of marylanders who rode on a bus from bel air. they say their efforts are already working. >> i guarantee representative -- from maryland would not have voted against the house health care bill had we not gotten up to his office and banged on his door and told him to vote against it. >>reporter: demonstrators say there are better ways to cut cost and expand health care from promoting health savings account to tort reform. >> let's fix tort limits so if people sue doctors they don't get unlimited settlements. they hope congress is listening. >> (music playing). >> is this the white house or the red house? >> god bless us. stop this bill now. >> congress, you're fired. >> (music playing). >>reporter: in washington, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at continue o'clock. >>> most americans don't want health reform passed in its current form. democrats are making an all-out push to get it done anyway. we asked people if they think congress is following the will of the people. >> between congress and the p
, mike is brutal. it's hard for maryland not to foul after that step. a great buster for lewis. >> mike: i say that about aubrey coleman. i think what is happening is he is letting kelvin lewis get into the flow offensively. he knows he will be able to get his shots. >> tim: ncaa march madness on demand streams every game from the ncaa championship online for free. we watched it yesterday. it was a lot of fun. they changed the face of college basketball for many in the business community. vasquez runs the curl. not there. gregory keeping it alive. and that one maybe an over back by sean coleman. >> mike: an interesting tweak by gary williams with bowie in the game. that will get vasquez off the ball. they will try to let him score a little bit more. >> tim: mcneil searching for adam brown but hasn't been able to find him. coleman. taking it inside. great defensive work. >> mike: in for the steal. >> vasquez. not this time. mcneil was 3 deep. got in late. back to washington. and the shot by dino gregory. >> mike: what a great long, release pass. he caused that break by himself. >> tim: t
martin o'malley's campaign for reelection. professional firefighters of maryland represent nearly 10,000 firefighters and emergency responders in 21 unions across the state. they will announce the endorsement at the baltimore city firefighters union hall tomorrow afternoon. now to the problems facing baltimore's catholic schools. the state school superintendent says she supports the decision of the archdiocese to close 13 schools. she said the archdiocese had to make the move in order to save the rest of its schools. >> i am serving on the archbishop's blue ribbon committee, and i think it has been necessary to look at this from a strategic and long-term point of view. i do know how painful it is for the individual students and their families. >> the archdiocese has plan meetings on the issue tomorrow at 7:00 p.m.. catholic high school on baltimore highway or mount st. joe's on frederick ave. either location, monday night at 7:00 p.m. the coalition against slot machines near and arrivals will -- near anne arundel wilmall. the maryland jockey club and other organizations organized a p
fishermen spotted his body on march 10th. >>> maryland governor martin o'mally was at the white house today when president barack obama signed health care legislation into law. the commission will be appointed to study how the sweeping changes with ill affect maryland. before signing the bill, president obama acknowledged it's been a bumpy ride to get to this point. >> today after over a year of debate, today after all of the votes have been tallied, health insurance reform becomes law in the united states of america. [ applause ] >> the o'mally administration estimates the overhaul could save maryland about $1 billion over the next ten years because the federal pan would take over costs that are now paid for by the state. >>> you may not know this, but tucked inside the health care law is a provision that's intended to help restaurant owners -- customers, rather, count their calories. more than 200,000 fast food and other chain restaurants are going to have to include their calorie counts on the menus and even drive throughs. that includes 20 or more locations. >>> on our web site toni
coastline. maryland's radar. this is relatively light precipitation. we do have rain coming down and a light to moderate clip. heavier showers south coming off of the bay. for the most part what we are concerned about is the next round of rain. two more overnight tonight. another one through the middle part of the day tomorrow. you can see how much rain and thunderstorm activity is going across the coastal southeast. it is all headed toward maryland. 4 degrees tonight. heavy rain. windy conditions toward down. that means trees toppling over in the saturated ground. we'll talk about when the worse gets out of here. coming up. >>> we are seeing flooding to the west. high water forced the closure of two county roads. there are some serious flood concerns in western maryland where a deeper snow pack combined with heavy rains could force stream and rivers out of the banks. >>> there are steps you can take to prevent home flooding. according to the consumer website angie's list you should clean your gutters so water runs freely. have enough downspouts to push water away from your foundat
day but clearing late tomorrow. and warmer wednesday, thursday and friday. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, four additional sweeps across the chesapeake, making for five total across the area. we have pretty hefty rains now pushing through baltimore. let's do a two-hour time lapse and show you how we're looking at that rain dropping out of the north, look at the yellows and oranges. that is heavy rain coming out of hunt valley. coming down through cockeysville and oregon ridge. it's passing on through owings mills and pikesville. towson, we're getting it, overlea and from partialville and partialing through downtown. if you're in canton or frill -- federal hill, this heavy rain is heading in your direction. we have rain returning over towards howard county as well. not a pleasant morning. it's wet and it will be windy at timings. we're mid-40s and we're pretty much going to stay there, 48 this afternoon. 6:01. >>> the high water and flooding a problem in elkton. you'll see delaware avenue closed at white hall road. and the roads around our area are pretty wet as well. still a
. >>> tonight western maryland is getting ready for possible flooding. alleghany county say two feet of snow remain on the ground after record-snow falls this winter. >>> there are flood watches out in western maryland, hagerstown town west. one of the reasons is temperatures have been mild the last several days really melting the snow pack. this is the good news today. sunshine. temperatures in the low 60s. 56 at bwi marshall after touching 60 earlier today. maryland's radar it is a clear sweep across the skies of maryland at the moment. that's going to be change. you can see a large cluster of heavy showers and thunderstorms across south carolina moving up into southern and western virginia. that eventually coming our way. especially as we work into the day tomorrow. we may see showers tomorrow night with clouds on the increase. we'll talk about the wettest part of the weekend coming up. >> thank you. >>> religious leaders are throwing their weight behind tougher gun laws hoping to push a bill in the maryland legislator. it geared towards tougher restrictions on who can own a gun. it looks
. no arrests have been made. the army specialist is the latest maryland soldier to die in afghanistan. the defense department says he died on thursday of non-combat related injuries. there were suffered during a vehicle rollover. this was his second tour of duty. his first deployment was to iraq in 2005. it is just after midnight on a critical day in the history of iraq. the voters will be heading to the polls in a few hours to elect a new parliament. insurgents have tried to disrupt the process. >> they are dancing in the streets outside a polling place. it is a polling place just a few miles away from washington, d.c. >> i am so happy. i am here to vote. >> ex-patriated the rockies waited in line to cast votes. -- iraquis waited in line to cast votes. in the united states, it is a date that his father wants his children to remember. >> i told them that they're going to choose the best for our country. >> it is an indelible sign of change. >> this is a great day for all the rockies. >> with no clear winner expected, rival factions will have to hammer out a coalition government. they
mistakenly being released from a maryland prison has aeed to be sent back to baltimore. raymond taylor was serving three life terms for attempted murder when he was mistakenly released february a 5th from from the maryland adjust center in baltimore. authorities say he posed as his cellmate who was scheduled to get out of prison that day. taylor was captured the day after he escaped. >>> the wife of former baltimore raven michael mccrairy has withdrawn her petition for a protective order. mary claimed her husband had threatened her and a nanny. michael's attorney says the former defensive end denies the allegations. the attorney says the two are involved in divorce proceedings and agreed to communicate only to discuss their daughter. >>> the father of a florida girl killed by a convicted sex phoner is calling for a change to maryland laws. mark lunsford, whose 9-year-old, jessica, was kidnapped, raped and murdered five years ago but a convicted sex offender says marylanders need to demand that state law protects children from repeat sex offenders. he says mandatory minimum sentencessed
was shot last night around 7:30. there is no word on a motive or suspects. a maryland soldier is the latest casualty of the war in afghanistan. the defense department said he died on thursday of non-combat related injuries suffered during a vehicle rollover. this was his second tour of duty. he was first deployed to iraq in 2005. this is a critical day in the history of iraq. voters had to the polls to elect members of parliament, as insurgents have unleashed a new wave of violence to try to disrupt the process. >> dancing in the streets outside and iraq election polling place, just a few miles from washington d.c. >> i am so happy, and that is why i am here. >> around the world, iraq is around -- waited in long lines to cast a ballot. here in the states, it is a moment this father wants his children to remember. >> we tell them that we are going to choose the best for our country. >> a ballot cast, a finger dipped in purple ink, an indelible son of change. >> with no clear winner expected, rival factions will have to hammer out a coalition government. the president acknowledges it will not
to break off from maryland and become its own state. he said financial problems for maryland are growing out of control and frederick county to get out now. he admitted it was highly unlikely it would ever actually happen, however, he hoped the threat of it would make state lawmakers sit up and take notice. >>> a fox 45 investigation shows the u.s. census bureau way overspending for rent in baltimore. now maryland's lawmakers want answers. senator ben cardin and barbara mikulski and two congressman want the census bureau to release lease records for nip maryland offices. it shows that the census bureau was paying almost three times the office space for baltimore that was more like rent for new york city. >> i have concerns at this point when you have the census renting prime real estate at the inner harbor which is very expensive. >> the 2010 census will cost almost $15 million. the bureau has been criticized for spending more than $85 million for mailing information and another $85 million to pay employees who never logged any hours with the agency. >>> while maryland continues to wait
. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley will be there when president obama signs the healthcare reform bill into law. he is scheduled to attend the signing ceremony at the white house. o'malley says he plans to appoint a commission to study how the overhaul will affect maryland. he says the federal plan should save maryland $1 billion over the next 10 years by taking care of healthcare costs now paid for by the state. stay tuned for fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of this story. we will talk to stephen is burg a financial professor about how the cost of healthcare reform could affect you. that is coming up in our 6:00 hour. >>> a plan by baltimore's mayor to make the city's ethics board more transparent gets approval. the city council gives final approval. currently the mayor controls the nomnominations to the five membs of the panel, under mayor rawlings blake plan the mayor would appoint three positions and the city council would appoint the other three position. >>> t i think it's another stepo ensure the public's trust in the elected officials. >> the board investigated and
of maryland nee . >> less spending and less government. lower taxes. just all-around -- i guess it is a republican thing. >> reporter: then there is robert. for him o'malley staying in the state mouse is the medicine that the state of maryland needs. >> i think governor o'malley has proven himself in the last four years. his popularity has never been highier. >> reporter: george says o'malley's four years have been terrible because the leadership meant too much spending and hurt the business climate in the state. robert says urlich didn't do much with the four years he had. o'malley had to recovery quickly when the economy recovers. both say this should be an interest race with each candidate bringing their style to the maryland political stage. >>i'm a voting democrat. i'll vote for governor o'malley again. but i really honestly think that governor urlich has a steep hill to climb. >> seems like the type of guy you can sit out on the front porch and have a beer with. he seems more personal than o'malley. o'malley to me is not a people-person. >> reporter: urlich is expected to
, dulles, even up into montgomery and frederick county. on the maryland side a few light showers. charles and prince george's county on the maryland side, we've got a few light showers going on down there too. mild temperatures, upper 50s, 60s but a threat of thunderstorms still holds off until later this afternoon. we've got your complete forecast coming up and a look at maryland weather in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. approaching the 6:00 hour, still watching old problems that have carried on over. the beltway, maryland on the inner loop at southbound new hampshire, that ramp, a disabled vehicle. outer loop filling out near georgia avenue. route 4, route 5, crane highway, looks like typical volume. no incidents or accidents to report. we're going to take it into d.c. and show you a live shot. virginia 395, tracking your northbound trip. a 5 or so from duke street to seminary. you're okay crossing that 14th street bridge. 95 heading northbound do watch out for a disabled vehicle at the fairfax county parkway exit. it looks like a slow go from the parkway to route 1. >> it
very much. >>> the university of maryland campus is buzzing tonight, following maryland's upset win, over archrival duke. weijia jiang reports for wjz. some fans got a little carried away after the game. but most are hoping to carry the momentum into march madness. >>> there is no doubt here at the university of maryland comcast center, the energy was electric when the terps beat duke. and now you can still feel that excitement all over campus. >> they got numbers. vasquez to williams. >> phenomenal. >> call it what you want. >> good pass. >> incredible. >> call it anything but boring. >> everybody is like on the edge of the seat the entire game. >> reporter: when the university of maryland terps shut out the duke blue devils with a final score of 79-72. the comcast center saw perhaps the hottest post game action ever. >> the entire stadium mauled the court the minute the buzzer went off. >> i couldn't go to sleep. it was just amazing. >> dan greenbaum waited in line for eight hours to get tickets. >> it was really one of the better experiences of my life. i mean, it was nuts. >> of
neighborhood, now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz maryland's news station. >>> final bell. shock and sadness across boughtmore with word more than a dozen cath lig schools are shutting down. >> i can't believe they would close it. >> which schools are closing why and what parents and students are saying tonight. >>> hello, i am denise koch. >> i am vic carter here's what people are talking about. >> baltimore historic and once thriving catholic school system is on life support tonight. today parents students and teachers at more than a dozen schools heard they are shutting down. wjz is live outside one of the schools cardinal gibbons high and tonight kelly mcpherson explains the impact across the city. >> reporter: this announcement was expected at some schools would be closed but people here at cardinal gibbons didn't expect it to be their high school. a place known for its alumni who are professional athletes that legacy will end in june. thousands of catholic families must figure out where to send kids to school in the fall after learning 13 schools are shutting down in june. >> a shock.
. >> this is wjz tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. >>> good morning, maryland now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with wjz's news team and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it is wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is the top of the hour and another very pleasant day start, a little more cloudy than the past two. sharon will have your traffic right after marty's first warning weather. >> we see a dawn trying to break over baltimore. that's the most we will see as we look to the west, a big warm front, big warm front. unseasonally warm with showers to west. let's look at temperatures, it is 48 right in oakland, 41 ocean city, 39 downtown, westminster, bel air and columbia, i think showers through day, stay out to the west. we will have a spli forecast, 58 at lunch going to a high of 64 this afternoon. that's the clouds, yesterday it was sunny and 62. we didn't have clouds today we could be pushing the upper 60s. don take it away. >> thank you very much. right now from sharon gibala. >>> it is still pretty, we are running pretty good. just one issue that can get in the way
. it was maryland's tenth straight victory in a first round game. tomorrow the terps will attempt to advance to the sweet 16 for the 14th time in history but it will not be a cakewalk against michigan state. >> we had it way inside last night. we're going to have to fight a lot harder on the glass tomorrow. we know that things won't be that easy. and so that's what you prepare for. >> all i've got to say, that it's going to be a great game. two great coaches. it's going to be, you know, one of those games you can't really make that many mistakes. you're going toax cute your offense and -- to execute your offense and play good defense. other than that, you know, i don't have anything else to say. >> neither do we. but we'll take a look at michigan state who beat new mexico state yesterday. they're in search for their third straight sweet 16 and ninth under their coach izzo. [ inaudible ] maryland has won the last two meetings, including a victory last season. coach izzo knows exactly what he can expect from the terps tomorrow afternoon. good i think what we look forward to is we know we're go
. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. police in maryland and pennsylvania are working together to investigate a string of car arsons. two were torched in parkton. they follow a string of car fires just north of parkton in pennsylvania. police say they are not sure if the cases are connected. >> our detectives are going to meet with the detectives from the pennsylvania state police and the york county regional police on thursday to discuss the similarities or dissimilarities that our cases have with theirs. it may be attributed to the same suspects out there, it may not be. we don't know. >> neighbors in the area who see anything suspicious or have information should call police. >> spring fever is still in play around baltimore today. we are seeing a mix of clouds and sunshine, kind of brightening up out there. temperatures in the 50's. look at all that moisture brewing down south. heavy rain in atlanta right now. to the west, clear counterclockwise spin with the area of low pressure. it will be raining throughout the day tomorrow, especially in the saturday, with moderate to h
and overnight lows around 40 degrees and we'll have the forecast in a minute. >> the maryland terps closeout round one of the ncaa tournament in thrilling fashion and the sports director recaps the action. >> reporter: good morning, it was a final game to tip off in the first round. would the terps be weary or maybe a case for saving the best for last. the latter would be better. gary williams and taking on the top scorer. you can't make them all and win. they showed the ability to run and they showed their side. they'll finish with a jam. the big freshman finished with 17 points. andrea january hit the -- adrian came in and the final score, 89-77. >> we just wanted to relax. we let the game come to us and we had a good game. >> we did a good job and he's a good player and draws attention from the other team and they doubled him and they dished me the ball down low. >>> the winner of sunday's game will win in st. louis. >>> all right, thank you. >> and maryland takes on the winner at this game. michigan state saw the big lead drainable -- dwindle and they won 70-67. it will be maryland and m
the maryland department of the environment. >> that surprises me, i thought that they would take longer to do the complete cleanup, keeping the water from seeping out. i am surprised. >> they say that the decision is based on four years of studying the problem. >> this is one of the most heavily studied sites for oil contamination. the data we have says that there is no risk. >> according to mede, those wells are safe, but residents wonder why they would reduce the monitoring. >> it tells us where the contamination is moving and is still fully intact. >> at 260 wells are still being monitored, but exxon mobil no longer have to check wells on the perimeter. there is no contamination risk. responding to the situation, exxon mobil says that this follows four years of extensive investigation and remediation, demonstrating that they are successful the cleaning up and significantly improving ground water conditions. exxon mobil says that they will continue to work with mde to make sure that the ground water is safe to use and drink. >> barry, thank you. there is a new requirement tonight for buildi
:00 tonight. kim dacey for wbal tv 11 news. >> maryland state police say 23- year-old richard glenn ii is armed with a shotgun and considered dangerous. he shot and killed a man inside his home. both are from maryland. police said before the victim died, he was able to identify him as the shooter. police say a motive for the murder has not been identified. the process of finding a new parochial school is under way. some families say it is not as easy as it was made out to be. the archdiocese of baltimore decided to close at 13 catholic schools. the archbishop guaranteed that every displaced students would be offered a spot in a new catholic school. according to one parent, the process is proving to be time- consuming and expensive. >> i have to do four different applications. i have to pay four different application fees. my daughter has to do quarter different visits and four different tests. that is a lot for a second grader. it is very stressful. >> i sympathize with those who are upset. we're doing everything we can to deal with students and parents. >> the archdiocese tells us tha
was employed by a trucking company from lowell, maryland. according to court documents it from may 2009, he was found guilty of a citation for parts and accessories not in save operating condition on the same type of truck involved in tuesday's crash. >> this is the truck that is holding up the line here. crews out here on the scene are telling me it could be at least 0 week before service is restored. the public information office would not tell us when that service would be recruited. -- when that service would be restored. nothing has been made official. morton is in serious but stable condition tonight at shock trauma. we are live in cockeysville tonight. >> tuesday's crash continues to affect writers. service is suspended north of the timonium road, making for a hectic commute. >> the shuttle bus service was put in place to help commuters wednesday morning following tuesday morning's train crash on gilroy road. the light rail operator was the only one injured. >> the way the trailer was on top of the car and light rail off the track, i am surprised one got hurt. >> shuttle buses will c
overcame intense opposition from the business community. maryland's's i unemployment rate nearly deployed -- depleted reserves. lawmakers, business interests, and the o'malley administration hammered out a compromise. business successfully lobbied to eliminate six claims by those who were unable to work or look for jobs. the jobless to find part-time employment would have to earn $50 or less a week in order to get full benefits. amounts over that would be subtracted from their unemployment wages. the bill reduces the interest rate charged the companies that fail to make contributions and offers this is a variety of plans to pay into the system. this will help sustain companies and jobs. the new law of cause maryland for $127 million of federal money. the state has to extend benefits to part-time workers and those in training programs. >> this is just an example of what we do best in maryland. difficult issues, people coming together inside and outside of government and delivering practical solutions. >> federal money for the unemployment fund will flow in 45 days. the governor signed legi
>>> maryland upsets duke leading to a student riot in the streets of college park. >>> federal relief, part of our region receives much-needed snow recovery money. >>> and a sure sign of spring. today we find out the peak blossom time for the cherry blossom festival. thanks for joining us. today is thursday, march 4th. howard bernstein is here with our outlook for the day ahead. >>> we had some sunshine develop behind the storm system. it's pulled away and you can see the sunshine here. few clouds popping to the north and west. and i think with the sunshine it will heat things up a little bit. destabilizing the atmosphere and a few more clouds as we go on. partly cloudy if not mostly cloudy this morning. the temperatures on the chilly side for sure. upper 30s, mid-30s winchester, york, cumberland 32. 40 already in fredericksburg and pax river is 39 but the wind chills are a factor with the wind gusting to 20 miles an hour some of the bills low to mid-20s north to low 30s south. what we are looking at today, partly to mostly cloudy at times, especially middle of the day. it will
crossed state lines. this is the most recent case in maryland. two cars were burned at this house, the heat so intense, it melted the siding. baltimore county police won't tell us if there were playing cards left at this scene. but the notion of a serial arsonist crossing the state line is a possibility if not a probability. >> detectives want to get together with their detectives and take a look at everything they have. and is circumtances they have these cases under to see if we are looking at the same suspects. >> reporter: charlotte seems convinced. >> they think it is a game. it is not game. it is very serious. they better step back and take another look at what they are doing. >> reporter: before somebody gets burned. in baltimore county brian keebler abc 2 news. >> there is a possibility this arson investigation could become a federal case. >>> police are looking for clues in a suspicious death. the body of a man was found outside the home early this morning. roosevelt leftwich is joining us now with more. >> reporter: county police say they received a call after 4:00 this
maryland. there's more stuff in philadelphia. the showers will move into baltimore within the next half- hour or 45 minutes. take an umbrella. don't expect steady rain this afternoon. we are stuck in the mid to upper 40's. 49 downtown, 45 in parkton. off and on rain showers today, high temperatures in the upper 40's or low 50's. it was better news in the seven- day forecast, coming up. >> baltimore county police need help finding a runaway teenager. this is 15-rohde @ abree forkpa. she was seen saturday leaving an apartment in the essex area. 5 foot three, 120 pounds, wearing fitted dark bluejeans, a beige wool coat with fur hood, white sneakers with green stripes, and long braids. tense moments adel laurell giant supermarket. a swat team stormed the store looking for suspects reportedly holding a store manager hostage. the incident began 8:30 last night when the manager call from his cell phone from inside a cooler, sang an armed intruder demanded e open the safe. the suspect was no longer inside. a dozen firefighters in boxville have been suspended for allegedly breaking into a pair
a group called the maryland health care for all coalition. >> since roosevelt's time, teddy roosevelt's time, president after president after president has tried to do what president obama is doing now. >> reporter: he says even opponents of the president's plan should agree that it will bring health care coverage to millions of people who don't have it. he says the plan will eventually help to control costs for the government as well as for families. >> a thousand dollars of your premium each year goes to cover the currently uninsured. right off the top. so as we start covering more uninsured people, premiums should be able to keep much more under control. >> reporter: opposing views that seem unlikely to change, even if the reform bill passes over the weekend. christian schaffer, abc2 news. >>> now president obama has postponed his planned trip to australia and indonesia into june so he can be in washington for the vote scheduled sunday. >>> so before marylanders have spent one penny in a slot machine state lawmakers are backing a wide array of designs to expand gambling. some deleg
industry in maryland could bring in $660 million a year aimed at education. and the biggest contributor to that was always going to be the slots parlor in anne arundel county. they were granted a license to build a casino in a parking lot out at arundel mills mall, but that plan for the state is very much in jeopardy now. opponents of the plan to build a slots parlor here needed 18,790 signatures from anne arundel voters to put the issue on the november ballot. around 4:30 thursday afternoon the total on the county board of elections website clicked over the 19,000 mark. tom of the american jockey club says he knows some voters around the state will be concerned about the potential loss of revenue from the arundel mills location. >> i can understand that but i think you have to take a look at will of the people in anne arundel county. >> reporter: the company that wants to build the casino in anne arundel county has filed a lawsuit saying the signatures are fraudulent. >> it's just false. >> reporter: he still believes the casino could be more lucrative than the one planned for arundel
. >> reporter: both maryland and morgan state knew they would be playing in the ncaa tournament. they just entered sunday not know wog or where. now both teams know who and where and both are excited to be headed to the big dance. >> greivis vasquez, the easy layup. >> reporter: the terps are reworded with a four seed. they will head to spokane, washington to face the university of houston, a surprise team that was the upset winner of the conference usa tournament. for maryland, a third ncaa berth in four years. >>'s going to be fun. not going to be easy but it's going to be fun for us. we're going to work pretty hard this we can and get ready to win games. >> we're looking forward to playing, and i think it's a great opportunity for us, and hopefully we can have good practices and do a good job in preparation. >> reporter: coach todd bows man and his morgan state bears gathered to watch the selection show on campus, signed of nerves knowing they would be paired up with a powerful team. then it was announced they will play west virginia. with the tournament known as the big dance, coach bo
. there is a push to toughen maryland's vehicular manslaughter laws. right now, drivers only have to pay a fine or appear in traffic court. they want to now increase the penalties drivers would have to pay. even under the legislation, killing someone with a car would be in most cases still a misdemeanor. mr. and mrs. cole's son was killed by a reckless driver. >> anyone who has a single child which is what conner was or with a beautiful child and loses them can imagine the sense of emptiness and loss of direction. we were blessed, and now we feel like we don't know what we feel. >> reporter: conner had three suspensions on his -- conner's kill her three suspensions on his record & walked away with nothing more than a fine. >>> around the nation this morning, there's been a dramatic drop on the number of people killed on roads in the united states. 34,000 people were killed in highway accidents last year. that is a sharp reduction from the year before. experts say more people are buckling up. there are safer vehicles out on the roads as well as stricter laws. officials say another factor is the
waiting for that vote right now. here in maryland, congressmen are expected to vote along party lines with one exception. democrats are all expected to vote for the bill. expected to vote against the bill a bill -- >>> this health care package is massive. this is a copy of the bill. all 200400 pages of it. it took us three hours and 15 minutes to print it out and it's heavy. 25 pounds. it is also going to face a lot of legal challenges in the upcoming weeks and months. it will take several years for the provisions to take effect, but it will take days for lawsuits to get filed, saying the legislation is unconstitutional. >> i as an attorney general, will file a lawsuit against the president and the agencies of federal government the minute or within an hour or so after the president signs the bill in to law, that contains an individual mandate. >> lawmakers in 38 states are considering various ways to launch legal attack. >>> if you would like to read that entire bill, we post today on our website. you don't have to print it out. go to >>> whether t
the measure passed. >> gambling in maryland. the continued controversy over slots. and the new push for table games. >> recall woes. the latest cars affected tonight. and what will need to be repaired. >> why a 200-year-old tradition, will not be allowed to roll on this year. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is on assignment. crunch time for health care reform. house considers a tactic to protect members that are weary of supporting the measure, publicly. craig boswell reports tonight. it is causing tension in d.c. >> as republicans and health care opponents rallied against the legislation on capitol hill a fierce war of words erupted over the process of passing health care reform. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is considering a legislative tactic which would allow democrats to push reform through the house, without a direct vote. >> we will do what is necessary to pass the health care bill. >> democratic leaders say the self executing rule allows members to vote in favor of the reconciliation pa
. >>> a light rail crash in cockeysville, how it will affect your commute. >>> and maryland doctors on the front lines. we take you to haiti on a mission of hope. >>> good morning. it's wednesday, march 24th. i'm patrice harris. >>> we're midweek through the week and nicer weather should be on its way. meteorologist steve fertig is here to fill us in on those details. we got through another. >> a little rain, not much, but it looks like we have a prettier day today, a lot of sunshine on the way. temperatures warmer in the 50s except it won't feel a lot warmer because we're still breezy. >> but no rain. >> no rain. >> 48 degrees in baltimore. 48 in hagerstown. 47 degrees in salisbury with skies clearing, though. you see the clouds on the sky watch hd radar giving way to clearing skies overnight and now look forward to a very sunny ahead. the low pressure center way off to the north and east out of our way. we look forward again to a very dry day. 64 degrees should do it for the high temperature, and west northwest winds will make it breezy at 15-25 miles per hour. as i say, a pretty day coming yo
. >>> a push to crack down on sexual offenders in maryland. the new laws that could change how sexual predators are punished. >>> thank goodness for sand bags. >> cleaning up after a flood. how one restaurant is dealing with damaging water from the weekend storm. >>> we had another wet and gray day outside today, but changes are headed our way. i'll tell you what the changes are coming up in a few minutes. >>> we drove 23 hours from texas to see him. >> the comfort back from deployment and earthquake-ravaged haiti. how many people the naval doctors saved. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> good evening, everyone. jennifer gilbert is00 assignment tonight. >>> topping the news, a state-wide push to crack down on sex offenders. this week maryland lawmakers will consider a package of bills to enact longer sentences and more supervision. melinda roeder is here with more details about the bit. >>reporter: dozens of lawmakers recently wrote bills regarding sex offenders. their actions were clearly in response to the public outcry over a christ
trillion dollars. >>> all but 2 of maryland 8 representatives voted for the bill. democrats john star, donna edwards and these listed here. all voted for the bill. maryland lone republican congress member bartlett voted against the measure along with democrat frank cradville who crossed party lines. he voted no due to concern over the cost of the bill. >> many people are already talking about the fall out from this bilk passed. miranda is live with the latest on this part of the story. meranda. >>reporter: many analyst say house democrat who supported the health care reform bill could end up paying for it come november when they are up for reelection. as you mention the bill barely passed by a two 19-212 vote with all republicans voting against it. many political analyst say that could be crucial come november when voters who opposed the bill head to the poll. but maryland democratic congressman who supported the legislation says he's not worried about losing his office adding that he did what he felt was right for his constituent. >> and i hope that if i do that people will be
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